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21 Gifts to give in a Long Distance Relationship With Promo Codes

A few cute ideas for LDRs c:



1. Kisses in a Jar

Each kiss represents a day that you will be apart 🙂 i think its a really cute idea, i haven’t done it cause the package sending it might be a little large for international postage.


2. LoveBookOnline.com

A while ago i found this website, i created a book and gave it to Gianmarco. Its amazing 🙂 you can create your own book about your story or what you love about your partner. you can customize your book with drawings and pictures. Use code SUMMER15 to receive 15% off your order this summer 🙂


3.Love Coupons

I have made these for Gianmarco before, now there is a website that will make them for you 🙂 you can customize what they look like and say so that they fit your situation better. Use code STARTNOW15 for 15% off your order.


4. Custom calendar

I made one for…

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