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My Monthly Three.. August 2015 ☾

This is the first month I have decided to sit down and think of three things I wish to achieve before September rolls around. I do have a very bad habit of procrastinating [Really should be my middle name!], and so I have a feeling if I am too ambitious they will not get reached!

. Get the right training in my weekday job .
This is my number one priority this month! For the last few years I have literally trained myself on how to become a member of management, and though I know I am good enough, seeing how I am left in charge of the store some weeks, I still know there are things I need to be taught. I have once again applied for a Supervisor role within the company but up where David lives, and I want to make sure they take me on this time.. its a full time position after all!

. Spend more time playing my Piano .
I won’t be able to take my piano with me when I do relocate and close the distance this October, and that does make me a little sad. I started keyboard lessons when I was 8, stopped taking lessons by the time I was 14, but I had started to learn how to play the piano through Music lessons at school. For my 14th Birthday my Mum brought me a second hand one, that I have had ever since.. 14 years this year o.O [Man I’m old]. But yes, I am going to treat myself to something new and play through all my music I have now.

. Start condensing my belongings .
As much as I would love to take everything I own when I move, I know that is not possible. David and I do have a lot of the same things, and he has begun to sell some of his books and comics to make room for my things, and really I need to start doing the same. I own a lot more video games and CDs then he does, and clothes, and.. well.. stuff. My aim is to have my plastic drawers and my overhead cupboards in order by September!

Well.. wish me luck 💋


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