Sorting out [part one..]

Today I decided to do two things…

• Sort out my bank statements and both my work payslips
• Sort out my rather large collection of handbags/rucksacks

And I think I’ve done pretty well really.. I’ve found all my missing statements and payslips.. and I’ve put lots of bags aside for the charity shops.. I’m sure I could weed a few more out.. but it is a very big start for me. I’m not one who likes change.. I do have a habit of keeping things I don’t really need.. and I am proud of myself in that respect.

Even found an Owl bag I didn’t know I owned.. so I’m going to swap my handbag over tonight and use it! 💖

Plus I’m unsure of what David will say when he sees I have like.. a box of bags.. because that is what it’ll be.. still.. o.O

Now for a rest and some Crochet! c:


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