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Coffee Date

“What did you get?”
“Caramel Hot Chocolate.. you?”
“Caramel Hot Chocolate.. so much for a Coffee date, eh?”💗

David and I had out first Coffee Date.. over the phone! We both decided to go into town to our favourite coffee house, Starbucks, and sit with our drinks and Skype and have a date. We’ve never done this before over Skype or Phone, we usually had our coffee dates when we visited each other, but things hadn’t been great in our lives of late.. both of us suffering with low moods, no overtime at work and a few money worries here and there.. so I wanted us to do something that would hopefully make us smile.

It went mostly to plan.. our buses were both late getting us into our towns.. so we were a little late.. and the Skype half.. David didn’t have good enough data connection as his Starbucks is in a shopping centre and rather deep in! Typical! Still, we were able to sit and chat on the phone for a good 40 minutes while we enjoyed our drinks!

We both really enjoyed it and it left me with a smile 💋


4 thoughts on “Coffee Date

    1. Haha! To be honest, that is the first time me and David have done it, and we’re closing the distance come October! We really enjoyed it though.. c:


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