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We’ll be together for Christmas and Forever

David and I are making a huge step in October 2015. I am relocating to live with him, in his home town and I won’t be coming home! I am both excited and nervous, because I am giving up a huge part of my life to do this.. but it is now or never.. and I am not willing to spend another Christmas apart from him.

It was odd to see my manager putting up the rotas a few weeks back and having Friday 16th October as my last day. My work colleagues aren’t allowing me to leave, apparently, and I am not allowed to talk about my fantastic hopes and dreams.. haha.. no they are supportive of me and wish me all the luck. I have made some wonderful friends in both my jobs and I will be sad to leave.. but I just know I want my relationship with David to move to that next step. I will be moving there without a job at the moment. Both companies I’m working for have been rather supportive.. my weekend job is going to offer me a Career Break for four months, so if I was to apply for a job within the company in that time, they can just transfer me.. my weekday job has had two openings in his home town, both for Supervisors in two sides of the company.. so I have applied for both. I feel positive, that even if I wasn’t able to get these jobs, that due to the time I’m going, I should be able to get a temporary job to move me into January 2016 at least.

We will be living with his Mum for a month while we finalise a place to live. Thankfully, even if I don’t have a job this is still possible as we will have an guarantor to help us. We’re not being too fussy about what we get, a one bedroom flat/apartment would be nice to start us off.. but there has been some cheaper two bedroom houses that look nice. When I go up in September for our birthdays [Davids is the 5th, mine is the 11th] we are going to make some times for viewings, to see what we can get for our money. I’m excited to see really.. considering this will be my first time, and Davids, on viewing places to live!

My main hope for this year is finally being realised.. and that was we wouldn’t spend another Christmas or New Year apart. I know it means leaving my Mum on her own around that time of the year, and her birthday as its on the 4th December, but my family are going to rally around to make sure she isn’t on her own.. plus there is already talks she’ll pop down between Christmas and New Year to see me again. I already know Mum and I will be crying a lot after we’ve said our Goodbyes in October.. she is going to come down with me for a night or two and help me take some clothing items. It’ll be the first time she’d met Davids Mum too, but I know those two will get along fine.

I guess all I can say is watch this space! Closing the distance can work, and although it is a scary and nervous experience, I still am excited to think I wont have to say Goodbye to David anymore, just Goodnight. We’ve worked hard for this.. I’ve saved up a lot of money to ensure we can afford a venture like this.. and David has been looking into flats and places, doing all the things I can’t because I’m not living there at the moment. I’m just grateful we are jumping off the cliff with two feet.. but we are doing it hand in hand!


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