Sorting Out [Part Two]

I didn’t do an awful lot today, considering the mood I am in.. however I packed away and tied some of my figurines/collectibles ready for the move in October..

I collect Pendelfins. My Nan started me on the collection when I was younger, and since then I have tried to get as many as I can. There are various sets within them, and as my Nan started me on the ‘Bed’ collection and ‘School’ collection, I’m trying hard to complete them. They are not sold anymore, but there are a few places that you can still get them, and I’m always looking at Car boot sales.

I have a load of Me to You figurines and TY Bears.. and Tiggers.. and I’m slowly coming to the realisation, yes I adore them, and yes I have collected them since I was younger, but maybe I will have to sell some in order to have less.. stuff. I am unsure right now.. Mum said I can leave my TY Bears and some others behind until she she moves.. which helps for now.

I am reluctant to selling some of these, simply because a lot of them hold memories and they are worth a bit of money these days. Sure, I could sell them and make some money, I’m sure people who don’t like figurines and collections fell that way.. but it is more the attachment then anything!

David is okay about me having some on display.. then again.. I wouldn’t not let him say no haha! He is addicted to Comic Book collecting.. has a whole few bookcases full of Doctor Who DVDs too.. so really he cannot say no 😛

Next to sort will be my DVDs, CDs, Games and Books. I know we have doubles and so I will be making a visit to CEX to sell some thats for sure c:


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