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I Hate Packing!

I hate packing.. always have and always will. I am constantly worrying I’ve forgotten something, not packed the right things.. I find it so stressful! Gah. Still, since traveling by coach to visit David over the last two years, I have got better at what I do take and how I pack so I guess there is a perk there haha.

He will tell you though, I tend to pack a lot more then needed, and sometimes not even the right things. For example, my very first trip to see him in his hometown, it was October, and I had packed jeans and jumpers, naturally for that time of the year. His Mum owned a caravan that we decided to go to for a day or two, just to be down by the sea.. and we got 25c weather.. and I had hardly any tees with me. Typical really.. luckily I could roll up my jeans and roll up the sleeves of my long sleeved tees!

Still.. for this prompt I have come up with 5 things I always stick to when packing my case. I would like to think they’d be helpful to someone traveling by coach, train or plane.. although I realise some rules are different:

1 – Plan early
I always leave it till the evening before, or even the morning of my travel, however I always have things planned in advance, usually a week or so. Making sure all the clothes I want to take are picked out, and the odd thing already thrown in my case. That way, over the week, if you think of something else, at least it can be added sooner rather then later.

2 – Pack heavy items at the bottom
Anything like shoes or boots, toiletries, hairdryer anything like that is easier to be packed at the bottom of the case. I find that way, when your case is stood up and wheeled about, your clothes and delicate things do not get as crushed or creased! Been there, done that.. haha

3 – Layer clothing
I usually start with a towel, then jeans, jumpers and lastly tees. I find it is the easiest way to pack everything, and it allows your tops to get the least creased through the journey. Plus, if you’re on a really long journey, and fancy a change of top it is as easy as going to the bathrooms to change.

4 – Use all available space
I packed everything I can in anything.. socks will go inside my shoes or boots, I make sure my bra’s go into the four corners.. simply because they are curved too haha.. and I try not to take things in boxes, as they take up more room. I even use the mesh zip part for flat items as it is a really handy space.

5 – Do NOT forget medicine
Been there myself.. I have three lots of medication I have to take daily and I have left them at home before, which isn’t great. Luckily I had found some in my travel bag, not the full dosage, but it was enough to get me through. What I have started to do, seeing as I get enough for a two month prescription, is pack the full boxes ready in my case early, so there is no scrabbling around for pills at the last moment.

So yes!

Happy traveling whenever you are going to see your SO next and I hope my tips helped!

Do you have any good tips of your own? Comment below and let me know c:

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