My Monthly Three… September 2015

Yes yes.. I know it’s 21st September today.. however I keep meaning to of written this post and kept finding other things to do.. like sleep.. and pack ready for my move haha.

Firstly I need to recap on August:

. Get the right training in my weekday job .
So although this hasn’t exactly worked out, I have managed to get a transfer to David’s local store! I was over the moon that they took me on without an interview, ready for Christmas! I went to visit the manager on my recent trip and everyone seems really nice and friendly, she was glad I had gone to say hello. It is a small contract to begin with, mainly full time over the Christmas period, and hopefully some more hours in the new year. I’m just pleased I have a job to go to!

. Spend more time playing my Piano .
I have been able to play the Piano a little here and there, but it seems I don’t have the amount of time as I used too.. so much over stuffs going on. I am going to make time today, however, as I will need something to help me relax while packing up my belongings!

. Start condensing my belongings .
Definately has started and is continuing [blog update later today/tomorrow!]. My Books, DVDs, CDs, Games, Accessories and Clothing have all been condensed now, it is purely time for me to start boxing things. I am still looking around my room, however, and thinking ‘Gee how am I going to box all of this up?!’. My room is like a flat in itself haha.

So.. with that done.. here was my three that I decided at the beginning of the month for September:

. Guest Blogger Interview .
As I am a member of the LDRBN we was asked a while ago to consider having guest bloggers on our blogs, posting about a topic. For a while I was unsure on who I would of liked to guest blog, ad actually what they’d blog for me. I decided it might be cool to ask several of my LDRBN family, as well as other LDRs bloggers to fill out a questionnaire/interview about their LDR experience. It is still in the planning stages, but hoping to roll this out before October.

. Finished the Cat Blanket for the RSPCA .
I keep picking up my wool then putting it down for days before doing just a square again.. it’s not that I’m not enjoying doing my Crochet, I just have been suffering with tiredness and low moods once home from work.. things aren’t great there at the moment and I suck it all up like a sponge it seems. Still. I have decided to do 25 squares to make a 5×5 blanket.. I have 10 squares so far and it really needs to be finished before the 18th October! I will do it!

. More Me Time .
I know this will be a lot more once I’ve moved from home, however I have been trying to go to bed a little earlier sometimes, putting on music and just reading a book, or playing on my 3DS while waiting for David to come home from work. I do spent a lot of time with my Mum in the evenings, but I was starting to feel I didn’t do anything that I really wanted to do. Hopefully I can start to relax after work in the evenings a little more.

Well there we are! I will endeavor to review and give my next monthly three first week of October! There is always hope.. right? xD


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