Sorting out [Part three]

I spent a good two hours sorting out my Books, DVDs, CDs and Games today. Initially I was going to sit and do some crochet while waiting for Skype to come back online [it’s had issues today, on the one day David and I can Skype all day.. typical], but soon realised actually it is a waste of my day.

Seriously though, I didn’t realise I had a ton of items I didn’t want anymore! I have around four bags of things to take to CEX to get store credit at! Why I have kept it all for this long either makes me wonder.. a lot of it was in a box under my bed, another in a cupboard I never used.. so I guess it has all been hidden away until now.

This afternoon’s plan is to bag up all the items then get onto boxing up my bookcase ready for the move. I am not taking everything at first, I will just mainly be taking clothing, however I may have to sneak my PS2 in with a few games haha! The rest will stay boxed and ready for when we get our flat/house and we know things will work out. I just don’t want my Mum having to box all my stuff for me, if its done then its ready for the movers to come in and bring it up for me.

It is all becoming real now.. ahh! 😀


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