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This is it!

Tonight was my last evening at home before moving to be with my SO tomorrow. All packed and ready, everything checked and double checked. I think it is starting to settle in now.

Had some tears with the Mummy tonight. I do feel bad for leaving her on her own, but as she keeps reminding me, I am a grown lady now and I need to be starting my own life, she didn’t have me to keep me at home. I guess I am also a little nervous as I am giving up so much for this move.. my friends.. my jobs.. my family.. it’ll all be new.

Saying that though I know this is what I want and I know after all the planning David and I have done, it is finally happening and coming true. We’ll be together forever as we’ve always wanted.

With that said.. Goodnight and I will blog within the next few days on the move!


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