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I am finally Home

It is coming up to two weeks since I moved my life up to my new hometown and to live with my boyfriend, David. It has been a bit of a roller coaster, and I’m sure there are many more things to come, but for now the biggest step has been made. It is lovely to wake to him each morning, and to be able to kiss him before we fall asleep at night.

Right now we are staying with his Mum while we look for our own place. It has been a nice start because I do get on with his Mum and I have stayed here on previous visits before, allowing me to settle in as best as I can.I am used to spending evenings either Crocheting or just on my Laptop, sat downstairs with my Mum and us both watching TV, despite doing our own thing. I’m sure I could here too, but I often feel it is a little rude of me to do so, but then I feel equally as rude by sitting upstairs while David is a work. I think I’ve hit a balance and there has been no complaints so far haha.

It took a little over a week for me to realise that actually, I wasn’t going home anymore, and that my home was finally here. I was on my way to work when it hit me, and I ended up having a little cry when I got into the changing rooms. My new work place is within the same company that I’ve been with for almost four years now, but it is a bigger shop, it is one of the Top 20 in the UK and they’ve had a refit from what I am used to. Add that to new people, new brands and stock and also going back to just being a Sales Associate.. I ended up feeling rather stressed. I missed my old work colleagues, I missed not going home to see my Mum and I missed the environment that I felt safe in. Things have worked out though, I have been doing some overtime and getting along with some of my new colleagues. I am getting used to where things are, I have stated my previous knowledge and experience in the management side of the shop runnings, and I am already receiving more training then I am used too.

David and I are trying to spend as much time together as we can, as I tend to work the days and he works the evenings. We’ve been to the Cinema this week for some us time, and spent a little time looking in John Lewis at all the beautiful Christmas things we cannot afford haha. We have also been doing some sorting and tidying in his room, getting rid of old clothing, books and comics to sell, and just giving the two of us a little more room until we can move out. I brought a few things with me to help me feel at home; my Panda shaped pillow, some Owl lights, my favourite Tigger toy and some photos that I’ve put up. I also stuck all the cards received up on the wall behind the bed, which makes me smile each time I see them.

Next on the to do list is the settle down one evening in the next few days to look for places to go view. With my new store I have dropped hours, I now do not have two jobs, and the hours I am gaining in the New Year still means I am not earning as much as I was. It is a little frustrating but I know we’ll be able to find somewhere and hopefully be in there before Christmas. At the end of the day, we’ve achieved one goal we both set for 2015.. that we wouldn’t be apart for Christmas 2015 or New Year 2016.

I am sure I will blog again in a week or so. Right now I am waiting for my Mummy to come on Skype so we can have a chat!



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