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Relocation Blues

I guessed once I had moved away I would be feeling homesick. I have always been close to my Mum, my family and my close friends, and relocating away from them all was going to be difficult. I will admit I have found it a lot harder then I originally thought and it has put a little strain between David and I, but I am working on it as best I can.

At first it felt like a holiday.. then I started working in my new branch, luckily within the same company, but it is a bigger store, it has more people working at one time, the stock room is up two flights of stairs, higher priced items.. it was a big, big jump. Luckily everyone has been very helpful and I’ve not settled in, but I think after a week of working there and having a Skype call with Mum brought it home to me. I had actually left home and was starting my new life.

Most evenings David has been working, and I think that is hard as well, seeing as I am in his room and not with him. He works really hard and I understand he can’t just change his hours, but as I’m working the days, I’m tired by the time he finishes work and sometimes I am even asleep. Sure, at least he is working and we both have jobs, but I have felt a little lonely some nights. Lots of Xbox, TV, Music and Crochet has helped

Saying all of that I know I wouldn’t change anything if I did it all again. Making the move to be with David has been the best thing I could of done, it has meant I am able to move my life on, be independent and try new things and see them too. Next phase is to find our home.. fingers crossed!





5 thoughts on “Relocation Blues

    1. I wish you all the best if you do go hun. I was very homesick for a while, but you start to cope and appreicate the new surroundings. Plus, if it is out of the country it’ll give you a chance to see new things and experience a new culture maybe? Let me know! xx

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      1. Thanks dear. It is really out of the country. I saw that you’re trying your hand on crocheting. I could never do that even my life depended on it. HAHA! Great work, btw! 😀


      2. Yanno.. I taught myself how to Crochet watching YouTube videos! Now though it feels like second nature and I find it rather relaxing after my days at work! David tells me its like I’m a witch or something when I wiggle the Crochet Hook about and manage to make something with it haha 😀 x

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