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My Monthly Three – December 2015

December! How the heck is it already December.. the year has literally flown by and I seriously cannot believe 2015 is almost over. Most of the plans I made for this year have been achieved, and that it at least something.

I know I didn’t do a Monthly Three for last month, my blog has been a little lacking since relocating, but I find myself not on my Laptop as much as I used to be!

Still.. here is my Monthly Three for December

Open our joint account together
This has been on our to-do-list since I relocated to live with David, however with the crazy hours he has been doing at work, and me taking as much as I can at my own, it still hasn’t happened. We need one for when things happen with getting our own home, and so I have finally booked an appointment for Thursday 10th to get it sorted. Funny really, just the thought of it makes me feel all grown up.

Keeping my blood sugars/weight under control
My sugars have raised a little, not too high but higher then they’ve been for a while. I admitted to my new nurse I had been comfort eating as being homesick and stress with the move and new job. She agreed and has given me until February to get them back under control. Considering I am more active then I used to be, I have lost 3 pounds again last week and I am losing inches too. Totally more active then I was before moving [Doing a lot more walking to and around work] and wanting to get back into Swimming in the New Year… my new goal is to be to 13 Stone by February.. another Stone and 3 pounds to go.. and if I make it.. it’ll mean I’ve lost 3 Stone in a year!

Having a great Christmas
Christmas will be odd this year, simply because yes.. I will be with David which is a dream come true, but I won’t be around my Mum and my family. Mum and I are close and it will be odd to be spending it with David’s family and not my own. However, Mum is coming up for a few days on the 27th so I am just looking upon that time as our Christmas. I still can’t quite believe I will be waking up in Davids arms after all these years and being with him.

So there we are!
I’ll see you all back here in January no doubt c:



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