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Warm Fingers and Toes

Well! This writing prompt is the first in a few months, and when I looked back on those I’d missed on the LDRBN website, this one made me want to try it the most.

When David and I was in our LDR, we always made sure we got a week together at the end of November and made it our little Christmas. As we both worked in retail, and with my past jobs not allowing leave past the 4th week of November, it seemed the best time for us to spend a week together. I used to travel up to him, we’d potter about, go see the lights and the Christmas Markets and just spend time enjoying the winter time.

It was this time last year, funnily enough, when the dream to spend Christmas 2015 and beyond together, and with some determination we’ve been able to make it come true. Although I will really miss my Mum and family for Christmas this year, I am looking forward to spending Christmas with David.. even if I am working 8-8 on Christmas Eve and in at 11 on Boxing Day! D:

So far we’ve been to two Christmas Markets, one in his home town, which allowed me to find a Wool shop I didn’t know existed [Bye bye extra wages!] but it was lovely. Had a lot of little craft stalls, mainly selling cakes haha. I had a Peanut Butter and Fudge cupcake.. I really need to find a recipe! The main Market we went to again this year was Nottingham and we made a day of it, doing a little shopping in the day, going for a meal then enjoying the music and lights at the Market after dark. It was nice to know that once we’d gone home I wasn’t going back to my old life.. I would wake next to him the next day and toddle off to work.

Another thing I really cannot wait for is waking up with David on Christmas Day. Last year we woke at 7am after sleeping on Skype together and opened our presents together. We had opened our main ones when I had gone to visit him, but we always saved some for the actual day. This year though, I can still wake him up at 7am and make a cuppa in our Pjs and open our gifts! Really cannot wait and I am still unsure if I’ll be able to sleep Christmas night.. although saying that after doing 12 hours at work, I probably wont be able to stay awake xD

There is another special thing that will be happening for us around Christmas week, but I don’t wish to spoil the surprise as I will make a special post about that soon!!

That’s one way to keep you all posted.. right? C:


Inspired by this writing prompt: Winter Wishes?


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