2015: An Amazing Year

I remember sitting with David back in November 2014 and saying to him that 2015 would be our year. We would see each other more, we would make steps to closing the distance, we’d call and text more, the usual little things. Never did we both imagine that actually, we would make it all work, especially closing the distance. I took me a little while to convince David that we could make it work, that even if I moved to be with him with no job, I had enough in savings to carry me while looking, that our love would carry us through. At the end of the day we wanted to spend our first Christmas together… but never did we think it would be.. within our own home!

I had been looking back over some photos from the year gone, and we have had a lovely year! We spent Valentines together; David came down to my hometown and we watched a Pancake race, went out for a meal and shopping, spent time playing video games.. went on a two week holiday together; Caravan by the sand and sea, lots of Bingo, Arcades, Chips, Walks and Cuddles.. spent our birthdays together; Stayed in a hotel for a few nights, went out for a meal, went on some lovely walks, Shopping and Cooking for each other. And then October rolled around when I relocated to be with him; New job, new friends, new town, new everything. And that was an amazing experience in itself… but then we managed to round off the year with something else amazing…

Yes! That is where I have been for over a month now.. moving into our own rented house and spending Christmas morning together, opening our presents while listening to Christmas music, the little Christmas trees lights shining away! It was perfect, more then I could of imagined. We had a lovely day, despite it being my only day off work, spent it with David’s family, his Sister cooked a fantastic dinner and came home to watch Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing. Here’s to hosting Christmas ourselves next year and my Mum being here too!

As I sit here now writing this post, happy that we’ve finally got some internet connection [been over a month now without it, how the heck have I coped?!] sitting in my own front room, looking around at all the little knicknacks, the furniture and pictures we’ve decorated the room with, and just thinking Wow this is actually ours! It hasn’t been easy, we have had some problems like no heating over Christmas, a new boiler being fitted thankfully, radiator problems, front door issues and carpets.. but slowly, slowly, they are all being sorted and I am beginning to want to come home after work, I am relaxing when at home and most of all, enjoying the fact I live with my LDR sweetheart.

We achieved a lot in 2015, both together and individually, but everything we did has come to a head and allowed us to finish the year as we planned.

2016 is looking marvelous!

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