Crochet Heart Hanger


Really pleased with this! I know there are plenty of pretty Heart Hangers around, but I decided to put a couple of tutorials together and make my own. I had seen a few people having made the Attic24 Heart Hanger and although I think it is cute, I wasn’t overall keen on the heart shape itself, hence looking around for something different!

I have done this for my Mum for Mother’s Day. Although I won’t be with her on the 6th March to celebrate, I will be visiting home on the 13th for a few days and therefore that is when we are going to celebrate. She loves blue, she likes yellow roses and the white will fit with her bedroom. Just want a piece of white or cream ribbon now to allow it to be hung up!

I used two video tutorials by HappyBerry Crochet on YouTube;
Mini Rose with Leaves
Padded Picot Heart

What do you all think?



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