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Let’s give it ago!

I have seen BuJo’s for a while now, and I have had a board on Pinterest, marking layouts and anything to do with them. I am not very artistic, and most of the beautiful ones I have seen people have doodled on them and added lovely art, and in a way that made me think I wouldn’t be able to do my own, silly right? I had seen somewhere a few people had said it helped with their anxiety, and with how mine has been the last few weeks, I begun to wonder if it’d help. I seem to be worrying about my days and weeks, mainly as I am out of work at the moment, so I am hoping some forward planning, and having something to concentrate on, well help me.

I know January is almost over [literally in three days now] but I spent a lot of January planning and researching how I wanted my BuJo to look like. I decided on a weekly spread, rather than daily or monthly, and I knew I wanted some trackers on there to keep an eye on certain things. I have added a book list also, as I am doing a Book Challenge this year, and a Mood Tracker too, as I am recovering from Depression.

So! Below is my Jan 30th – Feb 5th Layout! I am pleased with how it came out, and even more proud for being able to draw straight with a ruler… yes.. don’t ask c:


If you are interested in seeing some layouts and things to do with Bullet Journals, I have linked my board on Pinterest HERE ! Not too much on there yet, but I add to my boards weekly when I can.

I will give an update at the end of the week to say how it went!



2 thoughts on “Let’s give it ago!

  1. I’m about 6 weeks into the whole Bujo craze and I’m loving it. I use a weekly layout too as I only use my bujo for personal and I just don’t have enough going on to require more space. I hope your bujo provides you the calm you’re looking for and I’ll send some positive thoughts your way too 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I am finding I’m not worrying quite as much, seeing as I can plan a whole week or even just the next day, and the little trackers I have keep my mind active through the day. I’m in the middle of working out a Weight Loss Tracker too. I am so pleased I got on the Bujo train haha 🙂

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