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Day Two : 20 Facts


Whenever I see these 30 day challenge things I dread this question, simply because I cannot for the life of me think of 20 things about me that are interesting! But hey, I said I would complete the challenge and therefore I am going to dig my heels in hard.

  1. I was named after the singer, Carly Simon, however, my Mum added an ‘e’ in my name to make it different; my Dad was not best pleased!
  2. I have double jointed kneecaps that regularly slip out of place.
  3. My obsession with coffee only began about 4 years ago, up until then I hadn’t given it a chance.
  4. I like to collect anything related to Tigger, Me to You bears or Pendelfins.
  5. I completed my BSc Computer Science with a 2:1 almost 8 years ago now.
  6. At night I don’t move around in bed. I tend to wake in the same position I fell asleep in.
  7. I taught myself how to play piano after my Mum got me a secondhand one for my 14th birthday.
  8. Drum and Bass, Techno and Dance music is my favourite to listen too.
  9. I have a massive crush on Hugh Jackman that hasn’t changed since I saw him in X-Men.
  10. I adore anything to do with Owls.
  11. I am a massive gamer girl and got my first console when I was 8 [Sega Mega Drive].
  12. Purple is my colour of choice… I dislike pink with a passion.
  13. I cannot stand Bananas! As a child I would spit them out, as an adult, I still do the same.
  14. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 19 years old. This was due to another medical condition being left untreated by the doctors for a few years.
  15. I moved 122 miles to live with my boyfriend after spending 4 years apart.
  16. Vodka is my favourite tipple.
  17. I am a Virgo Rabbit and I know not everyone believes in horoscopes, but they are pretty spot on about me.
  18. Stickers are my weakness. I have far too many than I know what to do with, and I love them too much to use!
  19. I have too many crochet projects going. I really need to finish some…
  20. I still haven’t learned to drive for various reason, but I would like to by the time I’m 35.

Phew! I made it! Wasn’t too bad after all, and hopefully, you learned a little more about me today.

Is there something people don’t know about you? Why not join in and comment below?

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