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Day Four : Dream Job


I didn’t have to think too hard about this topic today, and funnily enough when looking back on Timehop to two years ago, my obsession with what my dream job would be focused around happened. I know there are lots of people who have turned this particular skill/hobby into their dream jobs and I hope someday I will be able to do the same.

My passion for Crochet, as already mentioned, began two years ago. I had seen my Mum making some crochet squares and I was interested in learning how to do my own. I have always been someone who learns quickly, and after watching a couple of YouTube videos I had mastered my first Granny Square. I remember Mum was proud, stating it had taken her years when she was a child to pick it up, and I had done so within the space of two hours.

I haven’t completed too many big projects, I have stuck to smaller ones, and mainly for myself or close friends and family. I think the biggest project I have done to date was a Star shaped blanket, in white and girly colours, for my best friends daughter when she was born. I have made scarves, toys, coasters and phone covers; I do have lots of projects in mind, and lots of wool to do so!

So yes, back to the topic. My dream job would be to crochet for a living and sell my wares in a little shop, where I could sit and crochet, chitchat to people who came in to have a look, have walls of pretty colourful wool looking back at me.. with coffee and cake. Perfect right? Well, it would be perfect for me! Not too sure what I would call it, although when I do finally set up my Etsy store, I have decided to name it Mooncookie Craft. Long story short, a nickname of mine is Moonshine/Moonie, I love Cookies and I love Craft.

I guess never say never!

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