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Day 8 : Five Current Goals


A little while ago on my blog, I used to do three monthly goals at the beginning of each month, reviewing what had gone on the month before. I am going to start doing this again come April! It was a fun little project that kept things in line for me, as I knew I would have to tell you all why if I hadn’t bothered!

These five current goals are quite wide and probably will carry on throughout 2017, however, they are goals I really want to try and achieve this year.

  • Get an admin job – I left my job, as previously explained, back in December 2016, and since then I have been looking to change my career from Retail to Admin. It is proving a lot harder than I thought, I have applied for anything and everything that falls under that umbrella. I am looking to getting into temping work now, as a lot of places want people with experience, so I’m going to get myself some! A lovely little 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday job would suit me down to the ground.


  • Set up my Etsy shop – Okay this is something I have been procrastinating over since January. I have a logo and a name, I just need to get my Crojo back and actually crochet some things to sell. Planning on doing little things, for now, just to see what sells before I try bigger items!


  • Loose at least a stone by September – So.. this September I shall be turning 30! I do not know, nor understand, where my twenties have gone, but I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life. Before I got my depression I had lost just over two and a half stone, and unfortunately, I have put back on a little more than a stone. I would love to loose it all again, and more, but I know that would be too much in the time I have before my birthday. If I can get back to where I was before last year, I would be so happy.


  • Continue with my BuJo – I have enjoyed doing my Bullet Journal so much that I want to keep at it and not stop. It is lovely to wake up every day and look in my journal, plan my day and weeks out, keeping little trackers to keep my anxiety at bay. It really has helped with that, I have been having less anxiety panics over everyday stuff as I can see it all planned out in front of me.


  • Make peace with those around me – I won’t go too much into detail on this one, but I have realised there has been quite a few people that haven’t supported me through my mental illness, and still believe I am being lazy now for not having a job and going back into retail. I need to just allow them to have their own opinions and just make peace with that. Life is too short!


Do you have any long term goals you are working towards? Let me know in the comments below!

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