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Day 9 : What’s in my bag


This is always a fun thing to do, I remember doing a similar question when I used to do these 30-day photo challenges on Instagram. I used to use a rucksack every day for work and even on the weekends, but since I suffered with a frozen shoulder I have gone to over the body bags to help.

So… what is in my bag?


I always laugh when I do out my owl bag because it doesn’t look big enough to fit all that I have in there, however, I have come to the conclusion it is just like Mary Poppins’s bag, or a TARDIS bag [bigger on the inside].

I never go anywhere without my headphones. I have proper ones too, but these fit in one of the inside pockets and are good for if I’m wearing my glasses, or a headband, as they just fit in my ears and not over my head. They are Skullcandies and I love them! Unfortunately, they have a habit of breaking after some use, like one earphone will stop working, but I always buy a few pairs when they are on offer.

Literally, if you look at my pile of keys, there are more keyrings on there than actual keys; three keys to nine keyrings! Most of them are store cards that I have attached, like Morrisons and the Library, I have a pound token for trolleys when we go shopping, a boomerang shaped one I got from my Auntie when she went to Aussie, a hidden Lord of the Rings one and my initial C and a mouse hugging it that I’ve had since I was 13.

That umbrella is so old too… but I refuse to get rid until there is actually a hole in it, at the moment it is just a little wonky and stiff to undo. It has Tigger on it, and I remember getting it from my childhood town’s Disney store, when it had one. I love Tigger so much and I cannot get an adult looking one these days… guess I’ll have to get an Owl one next!

Beauty things… always have a hairbrush on me, mints as I’m addicted to TicTacs, Lip balm and body spray. Pens.. why I have two, I do not know, but the Panda one I got from David for Christmas, the other one has monsters on. I constantly forget I have a pen, or two, on me and remember when I am looking for something else in the pockets.

Lastly, my small purse. I find it I use a bigger one, although they do fit, I end up carrying lots of receipts I do not need, hence why I use a small one. Did take some time getting used to it, mind you, as I like carrying change around with me, and actually, if you put a lot in the coin part, it won’t shut properly!

Well, there you go! There were some tissues and receipts in the bottom to.. but I didn’t think they would be interesting to see, haha!

Let me know if you carry similar things in your bag in comments below!

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