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Day 10 : Best Trip of your Life



Although I have been to America a couple of times, which were absolutely fantastic holidays, I have chosen one holiday I had with my boyfriend in the UK, when we went to Chapel St.Leondard, near Skegness for a week in the family caravan. I suspect some people may laugh at this choice, but it is a holiday we will always remember and still smile about today.

We had only met around four times before this trip, and it was the first time I had been to his hometown before travelling to Skegness. I got there by coach, starting my travel around 0600 in the morning, arriving in his hometown for 1130, and then I remember we had a three-hour train journey plus thirty minutes on the bus before we finally arrived at our destination. I was so, so tired but also very happy.

It was October and yet the sunshine was amazing! I had mainly packed long sleeved items and jeans, so I had to roll them up, luckily I had remembered my sunglasses. The beach was literally a ten minute walk from the caravan site, and you could walk from Chapel into Skegness if you wanted [we did that on another trip, stopping at Ingolmels on the way through]. The sea was glorious, the sand was clean and I have always enjoyed walking bare foot on the sand since a child.

What really made the holiday for me, was we got up at 0600 to see the Sunrise from the beach. For me, it was really easy to get up at that time, as my old job required me to get up at six and leave the house about 0730 in the morning, but it was harder for David as he works nights! Still, we made it down to the beach before the sun had peeked above the horizon, and the only other person down with us was a fisherman. It was amazing, the photo above simply does not do it justice at the beautiful colours that we saw. We spent a good two hours walking on the beach, playing in the sand and just sitting and admiring the view.


It was also the realisation that our Long Distance Relationship could actually work. Of course, it was within the honeymoon period, or whatever it is called, but we got on so well, we enjoyed many of the same things and we both just had a relaxing week. That was 2013 and here we are in 2017 living together and being adults!

Do you have a trip that will always be the best you’ve been on? Comment below and let me know!

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