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Day 11 : Ten Favourite Foods


This wasn’t a hard post to write today because I love food. If I could eat every hour, all day than I would! As I’ve got older I’ve started to like more savoury foods than sweet, but no one can beat chocolate.

Still onto my list of food!

  1. Nuts – I love all the type of nuts you can get, although I have a soft spot for Pistachio and Honey roast Cashews
  2. Potato – Chips, Baked, Fried…
  3. Cucumber – I literally cut them in half and eat them in the summer!
  4. Sweetcorn – I eat it with almost anything.
  5. Eggs – I eat them at least three times a week… poached being my favourite
  6. Chicken – I eat lots and lots of chicken, even Quorn chicken due to David.
  7. Bacon – Nothing beats a good old bacon sandwich.
  8. Yoghurt – With fruit for breakfast
  9. Pasta – I have a love/hate relationship with Pasta.. so many carbs!
  10. Bread – Same as the above…

Is there a type of food that is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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