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Day 14 : Three Healthy Habits



I guess healthy habits could be anything from drinking lots of water per day or exercising and going to the gym! Although mine isn’t as good as the latter, I still feel the below are healthy habits that I keep to daily.

  • Low carb eating – Although this isn’t every day as it once was, I am conscious of the amount of carbs I am eating per day. When I stuck to 100-130 carbs a few years back I ended up loosing 2 stone in a matter of six months. Due to my mental health, I have put a little back on, but I am slowly trying to loose the weight again.


  • Drinking lots of water – This is something I find so hard to do, but I am starting to add no added sugar squash to my water, and keeping it cold in the fridge really helps. I hate tap water that’s not cold! My aim is for five glasses a day, and I know the recommendation is eight now, but I am still proud of my five!


  • Going on long walks – This is my main form of excersise, and I love it. Even if it is just a walk around the block, I make sure I go out daily. Of course, there are some days it isn’t possible or I am unwell.. but usually headphones in, or holding David’s hand, and I’m off!

Do you have any healthy habits you stick too? Let me know in the comments below!

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