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Day 15 : Where will I be in five years time?


Five years ago I had big dreams on what my future would hold. At that time I was twenty four, I hadn’t long graduated from University, and I thought I would be in a big IT job, doing anything from building websites to database admin, earning big bucks and living in my own home, sharing it with my ex-fiance. Yet here I am five years later and it really has gone so differently than I dreamt.

So it makes me think just where will I be in five years time. I would be 34 by that point, and I really hope I will be in a job I love or doing something I love. I would like to think my home life and mental health would be improved, and possibly be engaged to my current boyfriend and.. dare I say it.. thinking about children?

I guess we all have big hopes and dreams for the future, but we cannot guarantee what is going to happen to us. We can plan as much as we like, and me being a perfectionist I do hate the fact the future cannot be predicted!

What are your future goals? You can always share them with me in the comments below.

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