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Day Five : My Proudest Moment




This was me almost eight years ago when I graduated with a 2:1 in my chosen Degree, a BSc in Computer Science. I had been the first one out of my family to attend University and to complete a Degree, and for that, I was very proud of myself! I had my ex-fiance there at the time with my Mum and my Dad, thankfully even though they are divorced even back then, they were able to be together for my special day.

The above picture was taken outside my hometown Cathedral, right before the ceremony where I would get my certificate. I remember feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders that afternoon, all the stress of the last three years was gone, I had done myself and my family proud, and I was enjoying the moment, celebrating with colleagues and the people I loved.

I really should frame my degree certificate and hang up my professional picture somewhere in my home I now share with my boyfriend. Only problem is.. I don’t have that fringe anymore and thank goodness for that! I wish I had changed my hair long before I did!

Is there a moment you are proud of in your life? Comment below and let me know!

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Day Four : Dream Job


I didn’t have to think too hard about this topic today, and funnily enough when looking back on Timehop to two years ago, my obsession with what my dream job would be focused around happened. I know there are lots of people who have turned this particular skill/hobby into their dream jobs and I hope someday I will be able to do the same.

My passion for Crochet, as already mentioned, began two years ago. I had seen my Mum making some crochet squares and I was interested in learning how to do my own. I have always been someone who learns quickly, and after watching a couple of YouTube videos I had mastered my first Granny Square. I remember Mum was proud, stating it had taken her years when she was a child to pick it up, and I had done so within the space of two hours.

I haven’t completed too many big projects, I have stuck to smaller ones, and mainly for myself or close friends and family. I think the biggest project I have done to date was a Star shaped blanket, in white and girly colours, for my best friends daughter when she was born. I have made scarves, toys, coasters and phone covers; I do have lots of projects in mind, and lots of wool to do so!

So yes, back to the topic. My dream job would be to crochet for a living and sell my wares in a little shop, where I could sit and crochet, chitchat to people who came in to have a look, have walls of pretty colourful wool looking back at me.. with coffee and cake. Perfect right? Well, it would be perfect for me! Not too sure what I would call it, although when I do finally set up my Etsy store, I have decided to name it Mooncookie Craft. Long story short, a nickname of mine is Moonshine/Moonie, I love Cookies and I love Craft.

I guess never say never!

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Day Three : Favourite Quote


“Just remember that bad times are just times that are bad”

My favourite quote comes from a video game that I’ve played for many, many years now; Animal Crossing. I remember getting the original game on my Gamecube all those years ago, and now I am still addicted playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf [ACNL] on my 3DS.

If you aren’t familiar with the Animal Crossing [AC] games, you are basically a little human in a village of animals. Typically you can have up to 10 villagers at a time living with you [espically in ACNL] and you get to decorate the little village you live in, your own home, and collect items for it, clothing to change how you look etc. The villagers all have their own personalities, and some of them are really cute. You can do fishing and bug hunting, you can grow fruit to eat and sell… the possibilities are endless really.

It is a quote that I try to remember when I am having a bad day, not to turn it into a bad week. With my anxiety at the moment that is a very easy thing to do, my mood sometimes will spill into the next day and the next if I cannot control it. I have this written down in a few places so when I see it I remember.

I know a few people who do not understand how video games help people, but for me, it is a time to zone out and relax. I get drawn into the game, I start to feel relaxed and whatever happens within it, I know I can control that and have fun!

Well, there we are! Do you have a favourite quote? Comment below and let me know!

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Day Two : 20 Facts


Whenever I see these 30 day challenge things I dread this question, simply because I cannot for the life of me think of 20 things about me that are interesting! But hey, I said I would complete the challenge and therefore I am going to dig my heels in hard.

  1. I was named after the singer, Carly Simon, however, my Mum added an ‘e’ in my name to make it different; my Dad was not best pleased!
  2. I have double jointed kneecaps that regularly slip out of place.
  3. My obsession with coffee only began about 4 years ago, up until then I hadn’t given it a chance.
  4. I like to collect anything related to Tigger, Me to You bears or Pendelfins.
  5. I completed my BSc Computer Science with a 2:1 almost 8 years ago now.
  6. At night I don’t move around in bed. I tend to wake in the same position I fell asleep in.
  7. I taught myself how to play piano after my Mum got me a secondhand one for my 14th birthday.
  8. Drum and Bass, Techno and Dance music is my favourite to listen too.
  9. I have a massive crush on Hugh Jackman that hasn’t changed since I saw him in X-Men.
  10. I adore anything to do with Owls.
  11. I am a massive gamer girl and got my first console when I was 8 [Sega Mega Drive].
  12. Purple is my colour of choice… I dislike pink with a passion.
  13. I cannot stand Bananas! As a child I would spit them out, as an adult, I still do the same.
  14. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 19 years old. This was due to another medical condition being left untreated by the doctors for a few years.
  15. I moved 122 miles to live with my boyfriend after spending 4 years apart.
  16. Vodka is my favourite tipple.
  17. I am a Virgo Rabbit and I know not everyone believes in horoscopes, but they are pretty spot on about me.
  18. Stickers are my weakness. I have far too many than I know what to do with, and I love them too much to use!
  19. I have too many crochet projects going. I really need to finish some…
  20. I still haven’t learned to drive for various reason, but I would like to by the time I’m 35.

Phew! I made it! Wasn’t too bad after all, and hopefully, you learned a little more about me today.

Is there something people don’t know about you? Why not join in and comment below?

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Day One: Blogs Name



Today is Day 1 of my Blogging Challenge, and as per the list and my title, today I will be explaining about my Blog’s Name!

When I had my mind set on reviving this blog, I knew I needed a title that reflected me and the point of this blog. Whenever I do blog I tend to settle with a cup of coffee and write about my life; Coffee & Life. I guess I could have been a little more descriptive, maybe I could have expanded it and had a longer name, made it more exciting maybe.. in the long run, I wanted something short and something easy to remember.

Before now my blog was to write about my long distance relationship [LDR] with my boyfriend, writing posts from prompts that I used to use from an LDR website I belonged too. I then went on to write about life living together, but slowly as my mental health got worse, I gave up as I wasn’t able to concentrate and form a post. Now I am getting better, I didn’t want to start a new blog, I just wanted to continue where I left off.

I find coming up with a name for blog’s somewhat stressful! Whenever I had set up a blog before now I spent ages trying to think of something catchy. It would go through various name changes until I gave up and moved on with another idea, which then prompted a new blog. Least I’ve learned my lesson this time!

How about you all? How did you come up with the name of your Blog? Leave me a comment below and let me know C:

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30 Day Blog Challenge

Well.. considering I want to breathe life back into my Blog, I have decided to attempt the 30-day blog challenge! This means I will be posting a subject every day now for 30 days, and hopefully, give you something interesting to read along with it.

I will be using the following list;


I found it on Pinterest and out of the ones I had seen, this one interested me the most.

So as of tomorrow, I will be starting this challenge! Hoping a few of my readers may join in with me on this


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Recovery is not a race

“Recovery is not a race. You don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer than you thought it would”

I am across this quote the other week while on Pinterest. I like to pin inspirational and life quotes as I have always had a thing with them. I used to keep a notebook in my bag when back at College and University and would fill it with quotes I had heard and liked. Even my yearly calendar has a quote for each month. Maybe I am a little obsessed!

Still, this quote actually made me feel something when I pinned it, simply because I had only been talking about my slow progress overcoming depression and anxiety the day before. I have posted about my depression, I am not ashamed to have suffered from it, but as that is getting better [I am now off anti-depressants] I am finding my anxiety is slowly getting worse. I cried and said to my boyfriend that I felt I wasn’t getting better quick enough… maybe I don’t need to feel as bad as I do.

I left my job back in December. I decided enough was enough and I wasn’t getting any better, my depression and treatment by a few individuals at work had caused me to lose my confidence in my job, and I wasn’t grasping it back. Sad really, as I had been in the company for five years, and I had been a Supervisor at one point. I had been put on probation to improve, and as I hadn’t, I made the jump before I was pushed out.

It has taken me at least 6 weeks to get all the stress out of my body and for me to feel like, health wise, I am on a better track, not where I should be, but I’m getting there. But all this time anxiety has been bubbling up and starting to control my everyday life. I am fearful of what people think about me, what they think about me not having a job for two months, if they feel I’m not trying hard enough.. even down to if they think I look fat now I have put on some weight due to medication. To some that will sound silly, but in my head, it isn’t.

This quote, however, has made me realise it isn’t a race, it isn’t like I have to get to the finish line within a certain amount of time. If it takes me three maybe four months.. then it does. The people who matter are supporting me and I just need to remember I am doing my best. If that is not enough then tough!


Ten Quick Crochet Ideas for Valentines

With only seven days to go until Valentines Day, I began looking for some quick projects I could do. I like to decorate my home as much as I can; I am lucky in the fact my Boyfriend appreciates and likes what I crochet. He is indeed one to hang on too 😀

Here are ten projects I stumbled across and thought I would share them with you guys, in case anyone crochets or know someone who does.

Crochet Heart Garland by Twinkie Chan
Be Mine Garland Wall

Padded Picot Heart by Happy Berry Crochet

❥ May Roses by Attic24

❥ Crochet Rose Heart by Petals to Picots
Crochet flower wreath pattern | | #crochet #ValentinesDay #flower #Valentine

❥ Valentine Envelope by Emilee Gettle

Valentine Elephant by Mariana Wilson

My Foxy Valentine by Emma Varnam

Bake Me a Cake by Bittersweet

❥ Love Me Knot Headband by The Stitchin’ MommyLove Me Knot Headband - Free Crochet Pattern #ValentinesDay |

Crochet Valentine Mug Cozy by Olives and OkraCrochet Valentine Mug Cozy 1

Well, there we go! If you decide to try any of these beautiful free patterns out, comment and let me know! I’d love to see your finished items 🙂


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Let’s give it ago!

I have seen BuJo’s for a while now, and I have had a board on Pinterest, marking layouts and anything to do with them. I am not very artistic, and most of the beautiful ones I have seen people have doodled on them and added lovely art, and in a way that made me think I wouldn’t be able to do my own, silly right? I had seen somewhere a few people had said it helped with their anxiety, and with how mine has been the last few weeks, I begun to wonder if it’d help. I seem to be worrying about my days and weeks, mainly as I am out of work at the moment, so I am hoping some forward planning, and having something to concentrate on, well help me.

I know January is almost over [literally in three days now] but I spent a lot of January planning and researching how I wanted my BuJo to look like. I decided on a weekly spread, rather than daily or monthly, and I knew I wanted some trackers on there to keep an eye on certain things. I have added a book list also, as I am doing a Book Challenge this year, and a Mood Tracker too, as I am recovering from Depression.

So! Below is my Jan 30th – Feb 5th Layout! I am pleased with how it came out, and even more proud for being able to draw straight with a ruler… yes.. don’t ask c:


If you are interested in seeing some layouts and things to do with Bullet Journals, I have linked my board on Pinterest HERE ! Not too much on there yet, but I add to my boards weekly when I can.

I will give an update at the end of the week to say how it went!


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Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

…This year was honestly life changing. I am glad it is over…”

Before I revamp my Blog and breathe much needed life into it again, I decided it was a good time to sit down and put 2016 into words. It has definitely been a year I am glad to see the back of, and I am not usually one to say that. Most years, whatever has happened I try to turn it around the next year, making everything as positive as I could. However, 2016 brought all sorts of challenges that I personally didn’t cope with as well as I would have liked.

The year itself centered around me and my mental health. I battled with depression and anxiety from February until December. Multiple things had got me down to this stage, and at first, I didn’t accept that I was depressed, however, the more I thought about my actions I realised something was right. I am not proud of the fact I allowed a situation, and person, in my previous job to bring me down to the floor the way she did, however, it has taught me some very good lessons; I am strong, I am able and it is okay to look after number one. It also taught me just who your friends really are, and that is one thing I know will carry into 2017. A few friends didn’t understand my depression, nor were they willing to weather the storms with me, and although it hurts me to say it, I cannot be doing with it anymore.

I also left my job in December, due to my health, and a few work factors. It was a big decision for me, as I have worked with the company five years and all in all I enjoyed my job. As my depression was coming to a close, I soon realised that I was worrying every day about work, I was having panic attacks on my way there and sometimes on my breaks. I could see that the person who started my depression had affected my confidence, and without my confidence, I was beginning to fail. No matter what I tried, or my managers and colleagues tried to help me, it just wasn’t working anymore. I had given up, sadly.  A few people understood and had actually left the company themselves due to stress, but some I thought would understand were cool with me, even on my leaving day; We’ll have to see where things go.

My relationship suffered with my boyfriend, David. It was very hard for him to understand my depression, and the way I was acting for a very long while. We went through so many arguments and talks about maybe going our separate ways, and yet he stayed beside me and we worked it all out. I am so thankful for all his determination for us to work as a couple, and I can honestly say it has made his stronger together. I am hoping 2017 allows us to catch up on all the fun and adventures we missed out on our first year of living together after closing our LDR in 2015.

I guess not everything was doom and gloom.. we attended two weddings of friends in June and October, my best friend had a baby daughter in May, David and I signed another year of our lease back in June and things between Mum and I have got better. We have had some nice trips back to my childhood home, we’ve been to many sessions of Bingo, plenty of coffee dates and pizza nights, we rekindled friendships with some of David’s friends, we got a PS4 Pro and I was able to hone my skills in Crochet.

All in all, 2016 was definitely a learning curve in my life, and now that we enter 2017 and my 30th year of being alive, I know this year I want to do so much more. I want to read more, drink more tea, sleep more, crochet more, travel more, cuddle more, lose weight, take more pictures, make more memories, cook more. see new sights and try new things. I guess nothing there is different or spectacular, but they are on my ‘to-do’ list, and hopefully I will be more motivated to achieve them!

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017
Let’s make it my year